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Fenslerfilm (stylized as FENSLERFILM) is an American video production company, based in Chicago, Illinois, United States, and headed by Eric Fensler. The 20.11.2006 The Fensler Film redubbed parody of GI JOE Public Service Announcements all 24 filled into 2 parts. Enjoy part 1. The best of the best. We recently recruited 12 of the most respected G.I. Joe bloggers, podcasters & collectors and tasked them with individually ranking 25.06.2015 G.I. Joe PSA is a series of viral videos created by Chicago-based filmmmaker Eric Fensler in 2003. Who wants a body massage? A description of tropes appearing in G.I. Joe PSAs. Once upon a time, a madman named Eric Fensler took 25 old public service announcements A History of G.I. Joe: A Real American G.I. Joe began life as a nearly 12-inch military toy in 1964, creating a whole new category of action figures for boys that rivaled Mattel

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